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The Trying Fourth Trimester

Okay, so today I am going to get down to the one stage of “pregnancy” very few people talk about. The Fourth Trimester. Okay, so you’ve not really heard about it? I hadn’t either, and I have a almost three year old as well as my 7 month old. So this was all news to […]

Kids Clothing Mid-Season Sale! up-to 50% OFF!

Exciting times at Little Monsters Boutique HQ, we have started our mid-season sale and to be completely honest with you its a whopper! You will find everything on the site has a considerable discount, up-to 50%. We have set ourselves high standards when it comes to quality, and with the discounts now available there couldn’t […]

Is Organic Clothing better for Babies and Kids?

Here at Little Monsters Boutique we believe there is nothing more fun than dressing up our little monsters in all kinds of weird, wonderful & bright clothing. Those snugly pyjamas, tiny socks and completely outrageous leggings you may have seen in our Blade & Rose Section or Lazy One. When we found out we were […]

Kite Clothing has Arrived

  Those that have shopped at Little Monsters Boutique before will know that we have a decent range of “all year round” products & accessories, we have never stocked “seasonal” specific items…Until NOW! ANNOUNCING KITE We are proud to now stock Kite, a planet-friendly clothing brand for children. Brought to life with passion and care […]