New Mummy Checklist and Review

As mum’s, dad’s – parents; All we want to do is what is best for our little ones that grow up all far to fast! Things can be seriously confusing nowadays with so much on the market for babies and children, everything claiming to be the best thing available, it’s easy to end up either seriously confused of wasting an insane amount of money.


As a mummy to a 7 month old as well as a threeanger (well almost) I’ve noticed a huge change in the market even just over the last three years. There are so many things around now and i find myself constantly, adding to my basket, thinking; ‘If only that had been around three years ago.’


I’ve come across these items all the more as both a mum and running in the running of my small business Little Monster’s Boutique that I absolutely adore, I would like to give all you new parents out there a few ideas as some have proven to be life savers to me over the last seven months.



So firstly, muslins. Everywhere sells them, and every new mum, old mum, grandma and auntie needs to have these tucked away for when the children visit. in the past I’ve brought muslins from Mothercare, Matalan, the large supermarket chains and can honestly see very real differences in quality.

When my daughter was born, she was a very sicky baby, and I sent my husband up to mothercare to get their bog standard plain, white muslin mega pack. With the view that we were going to be throwing them away as they all very quickly became stained with bile, I knew the cheaper the better. But when he arrived home with them, they felt scratchy, they irritated her skin. Similarly, the supermarket chain muslins were near useless and so thin that they didn’t help catch milk of milk vomits which, lets be honest is what most of us use them for, no?

When my son arrived, I’d already found Aden + Anais. I’d fallen in love. Not just with the designs, but with the quality. Yes, like other brands they were 100% cotton, but they were soft, they wash well, they catch the milk dribbles and milk vomits. The larger swaddle sizes are perfect to lay your exploring babies on to play, wriggle and learn to crawl. The swaddles similarly are perfect as a cover in the warmer months, when you really don’t want to use the chunky knit blankets or cellular blankets as much. My son actually suffers from eczema and allergies. After seeing his skin actually peeling away, I was terrified, but these are so soft they don’t irritate and catch the milk dribbles so his neck can stay dry and irritant free.


I chose the gorgeous Disney, Winnie the Pooh them, but I also love the Disney Bambi theme as well as the more gender neutral grey star pack or Jungle Jam print; recently made famous when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced Prince George to the world.

Another brand I have fallen in love with is Mama Designs. Providing the old time favourite cellular blanket, but adding a modern twist on it by providing them in funky, bright and rather unique colours. Made from 100% cotton. These gorgeous blankets are a must have for any nursery as it is, but Mama Design blankets are available in either Grey’s or Bright colours. Gone are the days you are stuck choosing between white, yellow, baby blue or baby pink. With nurseries either going down a minimalist modern black/white/grey theme or bright and beautiful, these blankets are a serious must have for any new or expecting mum… and even better, they are either the same price or even cheaper then other baby brands or high street stores. Win win!

Teething and Feeding

The second phase I’ve noticed more and more on the market for is teething. It’s possibly one of our nightmares, because as we are just getting used to our new bundles of joy and they are just finding their routine (and if we’re really lucky they are sleeping through the night), BAM! Teeth are coming through, they are grumpy, loud, miserable, grizzly….our bundle of joy isn’t so joyful anymore.

I’ve tried pretty much everything. I’ve tried the teething jewellery, which while it is brilliant, I have a bad habit of forgetting to wear it. I’ve tried the fridge/freezer teething toys, teething gels, amber bracelets (still undecided on whether these are working or not – I might be a little too terrified to not keep it on) and aside calpol and him chewing on my finger, everything else just seems a little too chunky to fit into his mouth.

Allow me to introduce you to possibly one of the most useful teething tools in your armoury, the Cheeky Chompers items. Available in a whole host of designs, there are two brilliant items available. The Neckerchew, basically a bandana bib with a fabulous chew tip already built in, so the risk of loosing it, or it being dropped are zero.

The Confortchew, now, even I was skeptical about this one. But he actually loves it more then the Neckerchew. It’s a little more expensive, but it seems to be worth it’s weight in gold. With the gorgeous material design one side (also available in Joules, how awesome?!) the other side is made of a super soft fleece material that appears to be of real comfort. there are taglets along one side of the comfortchew which he really seems to enjoy fiddling with and even chewing on occasion, the safety loop that can either go around your child’s wrist or can attach to pretty much anything, car seat, buggy… cot! Then the main attraction, the hippo chew head. Made from BPA silicon, it’s thin enough to comfortably fit inside babies mouth and the silicon appears to be appealing to rub his gums against to provide relief. Link to the Comfortchew in the pictures here.

Next we have Lazyone, I love Lazyone. I mean seriously adore it. I love different. All you have to do is look at the site to see that. I love traditional too, but seriously where is the fun in that? Well Lazyone has the fun. It actually excites me. The designs are bright and beautiful, they are funny, they are current and they are cotton. Not cheap thin cotton, thick, cotton rich skin loving cotton. Lazyone is actually an American/Canadian brand that I was lucky enough to get hold of here in the UK. As one of the only UK stores to stock Lazyone I feel so excited and proud every time I am able to get hold of and offer new ranges. So how does this tie in with teething or feeding? Their bib!

Simple, everyone needs bibs, but so often they are quite cheap, I mean you get what you pay for right? I’ve tried so many bibs. Weaning is a messy business as it is without ruining clothes in the process. There’s no need for plastic, these cotton bibs are machine and tumble tried and tested, and come out looking brand new time after time. They are soft against babies skin and thick enough they protect clothes 100x better then other’s i’ve had in the past. Available in so many brilliant designs, there really is something for everyone, and are the perfect present when you don’t really know what to get someone.

Link to the one in the above photo here.

Lastly for today, Sass and Belle.

I love Sass and Belle. Their children’s crockery sets are to die for. Available at present in three designs, Woodland, Dinosaurs and Bugs there is something for everyone once more. My daughter was a complete pain to get to eat dinners when weaning. Getting her to choose her own crockery was a life saver, and she actually gets excited now to grab her plate, bowl and cutlery setting her table place ready for the meal ahead.

Sass and Belle crockery is made from Bamboo, is dishwasher safe, and BPA free so safe all round. They also help with portion control I have found. She is now such a good eater, she tries to go back for seconds. Also from Sass and Belle are lunch bags and water bottles in these designs, so packing for pre school, nursery and school lunches are welcomed in the same style as tea time or breakfast. Or, in my case I loved the woodland design so much I grabbed one for myself. I mean, my lunch is just important on a family day out as the kids, and why shouldn’t we, as parents have awesome things too?

Link to the above set pictured, here.

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A pleasure as always!


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