Is Organic Clothing better for Babies and Kids?

Here at Little Monsters Boutique we believe there is nothing more fun than dressing up our little monsters in all kinds of weird, wonderful & bright clothing.

Those snugly pyjamas, tiny socks and completely outrageous leggings you may have seen in our Blade & Rose Section or Lazy One.

When we found out we were having a little girl one of the very first things we did was crawl the online boutiques in search of an extra special “coming home” outfit. We ended up rushing out after she was born to the nearest shop to buy unexpected tiny baby clothes but that’s a story for another day, Do these things ever go to plan?

During all of the excitement of a new baby, you may not, like us initially, consider what’s in the clothing and how this can impact on a baby’s skin and children’s health.


Remember the label will almost always say cotton or 100% cotton, but if it’s not organic cotton you can be sure there will still some nasty chemicals used during the manufacturing process, these can be absorbed into your children’s skin. We knew that our main clothing brand for everyday life had to be cotton, and that it had to be organic! You may recall that we introduced Kite in a recent blog post. Kite have got it completely right, the clothes are bright, beautiful and manufactured to the highest standard.

Organic Cotton is soft, kind to the skin & kind to the environment!

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